Tissues, Organs and Organ systems

Tissues, Organs and Organ systems

Test your knowledge on cellular differentiation and organisation, take the quiz and find out!

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What does the epithelial tissue in the stomach do?

Covers the inner and outer surfaces of the stomach
Produces digestive juices
Churns the food

What is a tissue?

A group of cells with a similar structure and function
A group of cells with different structures working together
A thin layer of unspecialised cells

The main job of glandular tissue is to:

Covers some parts of the body
Bring about movement
Produce substances such as enzymes and hormones

The correct order, starting with the least complex, is:

cell organ → tissue → organ system
cell → tissue → organ → organ system
organ system → organ → tissue → cell

In the digestive system, water is mostly absorbed in:

The stomach
The large intestine
The small intestine

Where is bile produced?

The liver
The pancreas
The bile duct

In the digestive system, digestion happens in:

The liver and small intestine
The stomach and large intestines
The stomach and small intestines