Resolution Quiz!

Resolution Quiz!

You read the PDF... now lets see if you took any of it in! AND DON'T CHEAT, otherwise a clown will chop your feet of while you sleep.

published on September 12, 20110 responses 0

PPI means?

Pixles Printed by Inch
Pixles Per Inch

The standard PPI is...


The higher the PPI the

better quality it is
less tone it has

Lower resolution size is needed for


DPI is...

a measure of printing dot density.
a measure of on screen pixles.

The resolution of a picture in a brightly lit room needs to be


Which will show more resolution when printed on?

Matte and water colour papers
Gloss and semi-gloss papers

Why should you never use google image search images to print at large sizes?

Select the two correct answers
They arn't your own work... copyright, dah.
They don't care about the resolution, so its bloody low.
They look to good to be your own work.