Safety Car Seat Quiz #3

This quiz contain a series of child car seat questions. The questiohs will be used for Safety Fair Booth

published on September 12, 20113 responses 0

When using a forward facing convertible seat, the harness straps should be located:

at or slightly below your child's shoulders
at or slightly above your child's shoulders using the top set of harness slots
below your child's shoulders
none of the above

If your baby's feet touch the back of the seat in a rear-facing car seat, you should:

move her to a booster seat
move her to a forward-facing seat
move her to the front seat
continue using your seat to its weight and height limits

It is okay to use a car seat ...

That has been in a car accident
That has been recalled
That is too small for your child
On an airplane

Which seat is best for a 35 pound 4 year old?

A booster seat with a shield
He is old enough for seat belts without a car seat.
A belt-positioning booster seat with lap/shoulder belts
A forward-facing car seat with harness straps

What is the most a car seat should move or wiggle once it is installed?

1/2 inch
1 inch
1 1/2 inches
2 inches