Safety Car Seat Quiz #2

This quiz contain a series of child car seat questions. The questiohs will be used for Safety Fair Booth

published on September 12, 20116 responses 1

To make sure you’ve installed your child’s safety seat correctly, you should:

Check the instructions that come with the seat
Consult your car owner’s manual
Get it inspected by a certified child passenger safety technician or instructor
All of the above

If your child’s head flops forward when she’s in the car seat, you should:

Make sure the harness is snug
Make sure her car seat is reclined at the angle the manufacturer recommends
Buy a head support for her car seat
Both A and B

Before strapping your child into a used car seat, you should make sure it:

Is less than 6 years old
Has never been in a crash
Has all its parts in working order
All of the above

When it’s cold outside, the best way to keep your baby warm in the car is to:

Put a fleece liner in his car seat
Put a down jacket or snowsuit on him
Dress him in thin, tight layers and cover him with blankets
Run the engine and crank up the heat before putting him in the car

If your baby was born premature, the best car seat for him to go home in would be...

An infant seat with a shield
An infant seat that your child has been observed sitting in while still in hospital
A crash tested car bed
B or C