Do you know Avatar Last Airbender?

Do you know Avatar Last Airbender?

This is going to be like my Do you really know Sonic and the cast quiz. I <3 avatar. I love Aang and Katara.

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Where did Katara and Soka find Aang?

In their village.
In an ice burge
an a fire nation battle ship.

Who was banned from the fire nation by his father?

What did Aang see to make him think Monkeyatso was dead?

Select the two correct answers
A necklace he made for Monkeyatso.
a fire nation flag.
His skeleton.

What do the Kyoshi warriors use as weapons?

air bending

What did Soka make his sword out of?

a meteorite.

Who is Aang's earth bending teacher?

What was Aang?

a an earth nation colonal.
an air nomad.
a fire bender.

Who is Zuko's sister?

Who did Katara fall for in the early series?


Why is Iroh known as "The dragon of the west"?

He has a dragon tattoo.
He slayed the last dragon.
When he drinks tea he can breathe fire.

Has Aang only turned into the avatar state once?

Why do Toph's parents think she is helpless?

Toph is blind.
Toph has a broken leg.
Toph can't control her bending.

Who betrayed Azula?

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What did Aang do to Ozai in the last episode?

He killed him.
He took away Ozai's bending.
He sent him drowning.