Mr. Cleveland's Syllabus Quiz (1)

How well did you read the rules? You should get a perfect score! If you're not sure, go back and check the syllabus posted online.

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When is extra help?

Monday and Wednesday afternoons
Every single morning, 6:55 - 7:15 in room 321
During the day
Saturday nights

If your grade is 89.9999%, your grade for the quarter will be

A-, because it rounds up.
B+, because there is no rounding.
A+, because personality counts.

If you use your phone during any test or quiz,

nothing will happen.
you will get a zero on that test or quiz.
Mr. Cleveland will give you a funny look.

If you are absent more than five times per quarter,

nothing will happen.
you will have to do a special "Incomplete Assignment." If it's not done satisfactorily, you will earn an F for the quarter. Do not be absent more than five times per quarter. The Incomplete Assignment is rough, and you don't want to be in that situation.
a good excuse will do the trick!

How many points is each homework worth?


Can you make up a missed homework?

Yes, if you don't have it during class, there is a two day window to get half credit.
No, it's a zero.
If shown during the same day it's due, you will get full credit.

What should you do if you're absent from class?

Select the three correct answers
Ask a friend what went on during class.
Check for the notes
Make sure you understand what you missed by going to extra help