Harry Potter Ultimate Quiz

Harry Potter Ultimate Quiz

Are you a true Potter Head? Do you Belong in Hogwartz School Of WitchCraft And Wizardry Find out Now

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Who Is Harry Potters Parents?

Who Is Harry Potters Parents?
Lily and Frank Potter
James and Maria Potter
Lily and James Potter
Margaret and Peter Potter

Which of these are teachers in Hogwartz?

Select the five correct answers
Albus Dumbledore
Rubius Hagrid
Lucious Malfoy
Minerva Mconnagall
Remus Lupin
Severus Snape
Arthur Weasley

Who died In Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire?

Ron Weasley
Lavender Brown
Sirius Black
Cedric Diggory

Which is a Hogwarts House?


What Movie Does Dobby Die In?

Half Blood Prince
Deathly Hallows Part 1
Prisoner Of Azckaban
Goblet Of Fire

Who is Buck beak?

A troll
A griffin
A hippogriff
A three headed Dog
Buck Beak who is Buckbeak?

What Platform does Hogwartz express Depart at?

9 3/4
9 2/4
2 1/4

What are Humans known as?

Mud Bloods
Death Eaters
Non Wizards

How can a house elf be set free?

Letting him go
Giving them clothes
Giving them 500 galleons
Letting them eat with you

This Question is optional...Have you seen all the movies and red all thee books?

Ive read the books
Ive seen all the movies
Ive seen the movies and red the books
Im lazy and cant be bothered with either,Im just guessing these answers...

What is The full name of Hermione

What is The full name of Hermione