Canto 8-12

Canto 8-12

Answer the follow questions for a class discussion. Make sure you're able to explain your answer.

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Who is Phlegyas, and why is it appropriate that he appears here? (Canto 8)

Who are the Furies and Medusa? Give Their Characteristics? (Canto 9)

How does Virgil protect Dante? (Canto 9)

How does factionalism apply to heresy? (canto 10)

Dante is addressed by a sinner, a Heretic. How does the sinner know that Dante is a Florentine? (Canto 10)

Canto 11 is a kind of break for Dante the Pilgrim. Why does Virgil want Dante to take a
break here?

Virgil and Dante descend over the rocks of a landslide. When was that landslide caused? (Canto 12)