How Well Do YOU Know the Percy Jackson Books? (1)

A quiz to test your knowledge of the percy Jackson series written by Rick Riordan.

published on January 29, 20149 responses 4

In the Lightning Thief, what type of statue does Grover run into while trying to attack Medusa?

He doesn't run into any statue.
A Satyr.
A frightened couple.
A bear.

In the Titan's Curse, what color is Bianca's cap?

At the arch, what color jelly beans does Grover give to Percy?

What does Blackjack ask for?

Select the three correct answers
Sugar Cubes
Percy's Cabin

What material is Mrs. O'Leary's whistle made out of?

Who is the parent of the kid who says, "Throw them in the lake!"

What is one of Annabeth's younger siblings named?


What is Percy's real name?

In the Titan's Curse, what are Zoe's 5 last words?

Between the Stoll brothers, who is older?

In the Sea of Monsters, what is the TV show from the bottle Hermes gives Percy?

*Hercules* Busts Heads
*Or Heracles*
Odysseus and the Winds
Odyessus and the Wind
Hercules Busted Head

In the Sea of Monsters, how did Tyson defeat the fire-breathing bulls?

Select the two correct answers
Immunity to fire.
He didn't kill them! Clarrise and Percy did!

In the Lightning Thief, what is the name of the chapter in which Percy, Annabeth, and Grover, visit Medusa's

Grover Kills A Statue
A Weird Lady Tries to Play Freeze Tag (with stone!)
We Visit Aunt Em's Garden Gnome *Enfoream*
*Wrong Spelling, so if you choose this one, my wrong spelling would not make it
None of the Above

What color is Rachel's hairbrush that she throws at Kronos in the Battle of the Labyrinth?

What is Thalia's last name?

Tyson has what color eyes?