MLP: Will you pass my friendship test?

MLP: Will you pass my friendship test?

Hi there! It's me Twilight Sparkle, and I'm going to test you on friendship. So you might of watch the episodes. There's a lesson at the end. Will you remember?

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You friend told you that you should do this certain thing. However, you don't want to do it,what would you do?

Do it. I can't let her fail! I must do it, i must.
Share ur true feelings. They might not want me to do it and just pretending.
Just do it and leave her alone.

Good friends can sometimes feel like

Your family
Your enemies

Somepony seemed to be hanging with your friend. She/he was being mean to you. What would you do?

Tell them to stay away from my friend.
Continue to be a good friend.
Stay away from him/her. But that means I have to stay away from my friend too..

You really hated reading. I gave you a book, what should you do?

No way!
Didn't I mention I don't like reading ?
I shouldn't knock something out until I've tried it.

I showed you a really dull looking book. It looked as if it hadn't had the answers you were looking for. What would you do?

Explain that it hasn't got the answers and that you need a book with a title you wanted.
Look at it then go and buy a new book.
Find another book that might as well have the answer.
Take the book. Never judge a book by its cover.

Pretend your a pegasus. You and the other pegasi were making wing power. Unfortunately, yours wasn't high enough.

I won't do it.
Just quit it and watch them do their thing.
I need to try! I could make a difference. Even the smallest one!

Oh no! It seemed that parasprites had been invading your town! What do you do to get rid of them?

Select the two correct answers
Listen to other's opinions first.
Work as a team.
Find a way to get rid of them on your own.