Are you a One Direction fan? (1)

Are you a One Direction fan? (1)

Take this quiz to test your knowledge on how much you know One Direction! DIRECTIONERS ONLY!!!!

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Who has a cat named Prada?


Which two in the band are called " Larry Stylinson " by the fans?

Zayn and Liam
Louis and Harry
Niall and Louis
Niall and Liam
Harry and Niall

What kind of toothbrush did Liam have in 2012?

A Singing toothbrush
A Blue toothbrush
A Flashing toothbrush
A Colgate toothbrush

What was the very first song the guys performed together?

What Make You Beautiful
Forever Young
Isn't She Lovely

Louis is secretly one of the heros listed below....who?

Captain Britain

Is Niall single?

I'm mentally dating him...
No, he's dating Demi Lovato.
No, he's dating Liam Payne. ( Me: OMG Hello fellow Niam shipper. :) )

In order, who was first, second and third?

First: One Direction Second: Rebecca Third: Matt
First: Rebecca Second: Matt Third: One Direction
First: Matt Second: One Direction Third: Rebecca
First: Matt Second: Rebecca Third : One Direction
One Direction didn't make it to the finals.

While making the One Direction video, Louis was driving and got pulled over. Why?

He was speeding.
He was driving to slow. ( XD )
Your lied! He didn't get pulled over, he's just too perfect.

What are the names of One Direction's girlfriends?

Sophia, Kaitlyn and Maxine
Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor
Erika, Morgan and Megan
Avery, Alice and Angelina ( the three a's. )
Me, myself and I

Where are One Direction from?

Mullingar, Bradford, Wolverhampton, Doncaster and Holmes Chapel, Chershire.
Cleveland, Nashville, Orlando, New York City and San Fransisco
Liverpool, Manchester, Dallas, Trenton and Franfort.

Besides singing, what is Zayn's other talent?

He can play the guitar.
Tech is in his jeans.

What was Niall's X Factor audition song?

So Sick by Ne-Yo
Let Me Love You by Mario
Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder
Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Tees
Cry Me A River by artist unknown.

How many nipples does Harry have?


How many kidneys does Liam have?

2 like a normal person

Last but not least, How did One Direction get their name?

Simon made them choose One Direction.
Harry text the guys " How about One Direction? " and they all agreed
It was the first name they thought of.