Australia Day Australian History Quiz 2014

Australia Day Australian History Quiz 2014

With Australia Day is almost here, so now's the perfect time to test your knowledge about this great country. There are fifty-nine questions; you need 30 or more correct to pass.

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What is the most commonly accepted date for the arrival of humans to Australia?

15,000 - 30,000 years ago
40,000 - 80,000 years ago
85,000 - 100,000 years ago
Over 100,000 years ago

When was the dingo introduced to Australia?

About 50,000 years ago; it was brought over by Indigenous Australians.
About 6,000 years ago; it came to Australia as the result of trading between Indigenous Australians and South East Asians
About 240 years ago; it was introduced by Europeans
It wasn't; it's a native animal

What year was the first documented European landing in Australia?


Captain James Cook sailed into Botany Bay aboard which ship?

HMS Sirius
HMS Beagle
HMS Enterprise
HMS Endeavour

What was the Flagship of the First Fleet?

HMS Sirius
HMS Beagle
HMS Enterprise
HMS Endeavour

How many ships made up the First Fleet?


What event is celebrated on the 26th January?

The First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay; the colony takes its first steps on Australian soil
The First Fleet arrived in Port Jackson; Captain Phillip raises the British Flag
The Colony is formally proclaimed by Governor Phillip
Federation; The Commonwealth of Australia comes into being

Which convict transport ship was dubbed 'The Floating Brothel'?

Lady Penhryn
Lady Juliana

Who led the first circumnavigation of Australia?

James Cook
Matthew Flinders
Abel Tasman
Willem Janszoon

Who was Bungaree?

An Aboriginal explorer, entertainer, and community leader from Broken Bay.
First Indigenous Australian to travel to England.
The last Full-blooded Tasmanian Aboriginal.
Interlocutor between British Colonists and Indigenous Australians.

Which of these was the first convict uprising?

The Rum Rebellion
The Eureka Rebellion
The Riel Rebellion
The Castle Hill Rebellion

Which NSW Governor was overthrown during the Rum Rebellion of 1808?

Arthur Phillip
John Macarthur
William Bligh
Lachlan Macquarie

What was Tasmania originally named by Europeans?

New Holland
Van Diemen's Land
It was always Tasmania

Which Bushranger became known as the Wild Colonial Boy?

Jack Donahue
Dan Morgan
Frederick Ward
Ned Kelly

Which was the first colony in Australia to be based on free settlement rather than convict transportation?

Western Australia
South Australia

Who were the first European explorers to cross the Blue Mountains?

Matthew Flinders and George Bass
Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson and William Wentworth
Hamilton Hume and William Hovell
Paul Edmund Strzelecki and Tadeusz Kosciuszko

In 1860, where were Burke and Wills going?

Torres Strait Islands
Gulf of Carpentaria
Great Australia Bight

Which of the following took place during the gold rushes?

Australia's population tripled
Australia became a multicultural society
Diggers on the Goldfield developed mateship bonds that would become an important part of Australia's national identity
All of the above

What is depicted on the Eureka Flag?

The Union Jack
Star of Federation
Southern Cross
Miner's Pickaxe

Who was the longest known roaming Bushranger in Australian history?

Captain Firestorm
Captain Thunderbolt
Captain Lightning
Captain Firestrike

Where was Ned Kelly's last stand?


Which state was the first to give women the right to vote and stand for parliament?

New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia

Who wrote 'Waltzing Matilda'?

Henry Lawson
C.J Dennis
Banjo Paterson
Steele Rudd

Who is the Father of Federation?

Sir Edmund Barton
William Lane
Samuel Griffith
Sir Henry Parkes

What day did the Commonwealth of Australia come into being?

1st January 1901
18th January 1901
26th January 1901
7th February 1901

Who was Australia's first Prime Minister?

Sir Henry Parkes
Sir Edmund Barton
Alfred Deakin
Chris Watson

What was the first war that the Commonwealth of Australia fought in?

First Boer War
Second Boer War
First World War
Second World War

What was the primary objective of the Gallipoli Campaign?

To win a decisive victory against the Ottoman Empire
To defend British colonies in the Middle East
To secure a sea route through the Dardanelles to Russia
To isolate the Ottoman Empire from their European allies.

During the Gallipoli Campaign, who carried wounded Allied soldiers to the beach on a Donkey?

Billy Sing
Ian Hamilton
Leslie Morshead
John Simpson

During the Gallipoli Campaign, which Australian sniper became famed for his courage and marksmanship, with an estimated kill count between 201 and 300?

Billy Sing
Ian Hamilton
Leslie Morshead
John Simpson

What Sydney Landmark was opened on the 20th March 1932?

The Sydney Opera House
Sydney Tower
The Sydney Harbour Bridge
Parliament House, Sydney

In which year did Phar Lap win the Melbourne Cup?

All of the above

Who was Prime Minister from 1941 to 1945; a period when Australia came under direct attack for the first time?

Robert Menzies
John Curtain
Arthur Fadden
Frank Forde

Where is the Kokoda Track?

Papua New Guinea

Which Australian city was attacked by Japanese midget submarines?


Which Political Party did the Liberal Menzies government unsuccessfully attempt to ban in 1951?

Australian Labor Party
Australian Communist Party
Australian Marijuana Party
Protectionist Party

Who was the first Australian rock ’n’ roll act to hit the national charts?

Col Joye
Johnny O’Keefe
The Easybeats
The Beegees

Apart from counting Indigenous Australians as part of the population, what was the other outcome of the 1967 referendum?

Indigenous Australians were given the right to vote and stand for parliament
Governments could no longer manage Indigenous affairs under the Flora and Fauna portfolio
The Federal Government could make laws for the benefit of Indigenous Australians
The Constitution formally recognised Indigenous Australians as the original inhabitants of Australia

Which Prime Minister disappeared whilst swimming in 1967?

Robert Menzies
Ben Chifley
Harold Holt
John Gorton

How long did the Australian military presence in Vietnam last?

Five years
Ten years
Fifteen years
Eighteen years (the entire duration)

What year did the White Australia Policy legally end?


In 1973 Bothers Malcolm and Angus Young formed which iconic Australian band?

Midnight Oil
The Angels
Yothu Yindi

Who was the first Australian to win a Nobel Prize for Literature?

Thomas Keneally
Patrick White
Colleen McCullough
David Unaipon

Where is the show 'Skippy the Bush Kangaroo' set?

Curl Curl
Duffy’s Forest
Wheeler Heights

In 1989 who became the first woman to become head of government in an Australian state or territory?

Edith Cowan
Enid Lyons
Catherine Helen Spence
Rosemary Follett

Which government was dismissed by Governor-General John Kerr in 1975?

The Whitlam Government
The Fraser Government
The Hawke Government
The Keating Government

Which Australian Prime Minister drank 1.4 litres of beer in 11 seconds?

Bob Hawke
Paul Keating
John Howard
Kevin Rudd

What iconic Australian building was opened on the 9th May 1988?

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Tower
Parliament House, Canberra
Australian War Memorial

Who was Eddie Mabo?

First Indigenous Australian to be elected to Federal Parliament
Land rights activist who was instrumental in overturning the legal doctrine of Terra Nullius
Indigenous rights activist who campaigned to end the Stolen Generation
Designer of the Torres Strait Islands Flag

Who was responsible for the mass shooting at Port Arthur?

Malcolm George Baker
Ivan Milat
Jason Moran
Martin Bryant

Victims of the infamous Backpacker Murders were found where?

Cumberland State Forest
Belanglo State Forest
Wingello State Forest
The bodies were never found

According to the hit Australian movie, who is the Queen of the Desert?


Who lit the Olympic torch at the Sydney 2000 Olympics?

Dawn Fraser
Cathy Freeman
Ian Thorpe
Grant Hackett

Which Australian swimmer became the most successful athlete (medal wise) at the Sydney Olympics?

Susie O’Neill
Michael Klim
Grant Hackett
Ian Thorpe

Which of these was an unofficial mascot of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games?

Fatso the Fat-Arsed Wombat
Gary the Giant-Arsed Grey Kangaroo
Lizzy the Lazy-Arsed Koala
Kirk the Nearly-Nationalized Kiwi

In 2002, 88 Australians were killed in a terrorist attack in which country?


At the 2007 APEC Leader’s Summit, who dressed up as Osama Bin Laden and went to United States' President Bush’s hotel?

Julian Morrow
Andrew Hanson
Chas Licciardello
Craig Raucassel

On the 13th February 2008, what did Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologise for?

British Colonisation of Australia
The White Australia Policy
The Stolen Generations
The Hairdryer Incident

Which of these qualities was Julia Gillard the first Australian Prime Minister to have?

First female Prime Minister
First Atheist/Agnostic Prime Minister
First Prime Minister not born in Australia
All of the above