du u know your spells

du u know your spells

du u know your Harry Potter spells? Or du u just think what the Heck when u see one? lets find out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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what does accio du?

makes you levatate
makes an object come to u
what the heck?

Crucio is the...

second unforgivable curse
the third unforgivable curse
first unforgivable curse


makes a turtle come from ur wand
makes butterflies fly out of your wand
makes birds fly out of your wand
what the heck?

Expecto Patronum...

creates a patronus
Is a healing charm
Is the first unforgivable curse


repairs items
breaks items
what the heck?

Locomotor Mortis...

locks an opponent’s legs together
makes you run faster and faster
turns you into locus


enlarges feet
enlarges teeth
enlarges eyes
what the heck?


is used to control a baskilsk
kills a snake
creates a snake from the tip of your wand