This quiz is to see how much you know about potions. You should do great if you've been turning H.W.

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what is the reason for the grass root potion?

open wounds

What is in the grass root potion make of?

Select the two correct answers
grass, water, clovers.
water, grass root, grass, clovers
water clover, clover root, grass
clover, grass.
grass root, clover, water, grass.

What is the grass root potion useful for? please be specific in your answer.

what is in the clover root potion?

Select the two correct answers
water, clovers, clover root.
clover, water, clover root, grass
lemonade, salt
water, grass, grass root, clover
grass, clover root, water, clover

What is the Clover root potion used for?