how well do you know equestria girls movies or shorts?

how well do you know the equestria girls? the equestria girls have many movies like rainbow rocks, equestria girls, bla bla bla

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In equestria girls who steals the crown from twilight sparkle?

Sunset shimmer
rainbow dash
princess celestia

In equestria girls who wants to go to the dance with Twilight sparkle

In rainbow rocks who were the villians

Hint: 2 choices
Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, dragons
Aria Blaze, Pinkie Pie
Sonata Dusk, Adagio Dazzle,Aria blaze

In rainbow rocks what did rainbow dash play

Hint: 2 choices
blue guitar

In friendship games what did the other Twilight Sparkle have that the other didnt

Hint: 2 choices
funky ears
a bun

In friendship games who was the villian

Principal Cinch
dean cadence
sunset shimmer

In legend of everfree what did gloriosa take
and what did she turn into

In legend of everfree what did they raise money to do

In forgotton friendship who erases the memories of sunset shimmer

wallflower blush
dean cadence

In forgotton friendship they change from crystal wings to what