Netball Quiz// Do you really know netball?

Are you really a netball fan? Let's see if you can pass this quiz and see if you are a true netball fan!

published on September 03, 20172 responses 0

How many Players are on a court at once?


How long is one quarter and a full netball game? =
1Q- One Quarter
FQ- Full Quarter

Select the two correct answers
FQ- 60 mins
FQ- 35 mins
FQ- 15 mins
FQ- 25 mins
1Q-20 mins
1Q-15 mins
1Q- 10 mins
1Q- 7 mins

What is the name of the Centre position for the Australian Diamonds?

Who is NOT on the Silver Ferns netball team?

Select the two correct answers
Laura Geitz
Bailey Mes
Sharni Layton
Maria Tutaia

Who is not a shooter?

Caitlyn Thwaites
Stacey Francis
Natalie Medhurst
Rachel Shaw
Helen Housby

What team is Hannah Petty in?

Which team isn't a netball team?

Select the two correct answers
NSW Swifts
Perth Glory FC
Australian Diamonds
Indiana Pacers
England Roses

Is it illegal to have only Womens netball teams?

I dont know

How many positions are there on a netball court?


Who is the best Netballer of 2016?