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Sign of the beaver. This quiz is an example of the activity and behavior of the behavior

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Define Flint

Stinky situation
hard rock used with steel to produce a spark
soft item for welding

Define Sinew


Define finicky

easy to please
not caring
picky, hard to please

Define Mangy

Filthy, shabby
very clean and tidy
A dog with fleas

Define spliced

joined at the ends
joined in the middle
joined at both ends

Define whittled

uncut wood
poorly designed wood
cut and shape wood

Define detest

really like a person
a food you really hate
dislike a person

Define intensity

lack of attention to detail
with concentrated attention
little attention to facts

Define chagrined

to cause a feeling of unease, embarrased
feeling of ease, not embarrassed
feeling of sadness

Define Salvage

throw away or discard
save or keep
destroy instantly