Elysia Progess - Staff Quiz

Elysia Progess - Staff Quiz

Weird and wonderful quiz to accompany staff on the progress we've made with Elysia.

published on January 14, 20142 responses 0

What did Illoumatar curse Adrasteia with?

Pale Skin.
The inability to eat or drink.

What can Accursed not do when it comes to the Racial Ability, Feed?

Select the two correct answers
Feed from more than One Target.
Feed more than 3 times an event.
Feed from the same target in a weekend.

What is Illoumatar known as to the Hasari?

Select the two correct answers
Black Star

What does the effect IMPALE do?

Goes through armour to make a body hit.
Only useful against plate armour.
Negates any armour and starts your bleed-count.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of using Crafted weapons over Artificed Weapons?

Select the five correct answers
The cost in materials is greater.
The weapon effect is effectively permanent.
It costs no mana.
It costs to reforge a weapon every year, but the cost is lessened compared to artificing.
The initial price of materials is greater compared to artificing.
The initial cost of obtained a crafted weapon is lesser than artificing.

You've been asked to create an Imbue record for an artificer and two players. What do you need to do?

Select the five correct answers
Create the Imbue record and add the Artificer ID and PIDs of the players.
Make a note in the Imbue record of the skill transferred.
Fill in the Imbued Item template with the Artificers Code and PID's, plus skill transferred and print it.
Note on the receiving and gifting players records in Character Database that they have lost or gained a skill as appropriate.
Take the required material items from the artificer.
Write the effect of the skill on the Imbue Card.

What is the Ceremonial Plant most commonly dried and used as a catalyst in religious ceremonies and visions?

Solomons Seal
Lotus Root

What armour classes can you not combine to stack hits from?

Select the four correct answers
Cloth / Cloth
Leather / Leather
Chain / Chain
Plate / Plate
Plate / Chain