R U A Nice Person?...

I am nice how bout u?

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You are at a sleepover. What are you doing?

Gossiping about girls in your class.
Complementing the other girls.
Talking about the tatoo you know your teacher has but her told you not to tell anyone.

You are in a fight with you're friends. What happens?

Select the one correct answers
You are being the mean one and telling your friend she's ugly and stupid.
Trying to slove it and trying to ge friends agian.
Telling the teacher when she says you're wrong.

You have an e-mail address. You're friend wants one too but her parents won't let her. You:

Select the one correct answers
Tell her that she is too cool to have an e-mail address anyway.
She should make behind her parents back!
She should just cry and beg her parents to give her one!

You are at a dance recital. You hate that 24 minute dance so you:

Select the one correct answers
leave, who cares about you're friend
stay but fall half asleep
stay and wait for youre friends dance to come.

You are babysitting you're brother. He hits you. What do you do?

Select the one correct answers
Hit him back.
Just tell your parents when they come back
lock him in his room

You're friend loves Justin Bieber and you don't. You tell her:

Select the one correct answers
He is soo weird how can you like him?!
I hate him i am not your friend!
If you like him i like him!