du u know ur harry potter 2

du u know ur harry potter 2

did u check my first harry potter quiz? right now im uptaded on all things hp. event got 2 new wands. du u know ur harry Potter

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Where did harry first meet ron?

Kings cross station
The Hogwarts Express
Privet Drive

What flavor bean did dumbledore eat while harry was at the hospital wing?

vomit flavored
Taffy Flavored
Earwax Flavored

What happened to Delores Jane Umbridge?

She was killed by Voldemort
Centures took her away

Which actor played Cedric Digorry?

Martian Luther King Jr
Brad Pitt
Robert Patterson

What is the school Dudley Goes to.

brook high

How does Surius Black die?

Voldemort kills him
snape kills him
Belltrix Lestrange kills him

What du they include in the 5th book that they dont include in the 5th movie.

tonks twisting her ankle
Hermione and Ron staying in Siruis Blacks house
Mrs. Black screaming

What is the names of Harry and Ginny's children?

Luna Lilly, Severus Suius, Neville Albus
Rose Minieriva, Ron Albus. Hermione Remelida
Lilly Luna, James Siruis, Albus Severus