Are you a true robloxian?

Are you a true robloxian?

Most of the people i see on roblox are people who are noobish and don't. Do stuff correctly. And if your not familiar with roblox, Roblox is a building game where you can create your own game and share it with people to play it its absolutely free heres the link:

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Are you a true robloxian?
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Have you ever met a famous robloxian?

Have you ever met a famous robloxian?
I'v met some of the admins/famous robloxians
Never saw a single one
I met a bunch of the famous robloxians
I met builderman,telamon,shedletsky,Games
I hate the robloxian admins/famous people there to greedy!!!

How many KO,s do you have?

Hint: 2 choices
I Have 1000 to 10000
500 to 1000
None at all i just joined
OVER 9000!!!!

How many forum posts do you have?

Hint: 2 choices

Fix this with grammar.

i uzed to be a famoze robloian untl i went to poptropizca

Hint: 2 choices
I used to be a famous robloxian until i went to poptropica.
i used to be a famouse roblozian intil i went top proptropica
i dont like haveing grammar i wont anwser this
I already have grammar fool!!! why do you make me do this!

If you where the owner of roblox what would you add to make it better?

Hint: 2 choices
i would bring old roblox because i really like old roblox
I would add good updates to make the robloxians happy
i would get rid of BC because they our greedy!
I would try and make it so we could have a better community