Dreamworks Quiz

Dreamworks Quiz

This is a quiz about the films made by the Canadian Film Company called Dreaworks

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What animal is Turbo?

The main penguin from Maagascar is called who?

The film Turbo was made by Dreamworks and...

Disney Pixar
20th century fox

The Gingerbread Man from Shreks catchphrase is what?

Not the buttons!
Dont eat me!
Shrek, a little help here!

Which film is coming out in early 2014 made by Dreamworks.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman
Turbo 2
Madagascar 4

At the end of Madagascar 3 they are seen with wigs on singing "Afro Circus"


The main character in How To Train Your Dragon is who?


The Dreamworks trademark displays

The world saying Dreamworks with gold letters on it.
A boy on a half moon saying Dreamworks and the music changes every time
A castle with Dreamworks at the bottom

Who is the Zebra called in Madagascar

Who is the Zebra called in Madagascar

The T.V series based off How To Train Your Dragon is called what?

Penguins From Madagscar
Riders Of Berk
Turbo Fast