How much do YOU know about Harry Potter? Part 1 (1)

How much do YOU know about Harry Potter? Part 1 (1)

Are you a TRUE fan? Or NOT? :) Find out in this quiz! Hope you like it!

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If you want a wand, where should you go?

Mad-eye Moody turned Draco into a what?

Name all the Weasleys!

Ron, Ginny, Fred, George. And their parents, that's 6 in total!
Fred, George, Percy, Ron, Ginny, Charlie, Bill, and 2 others! 9 in total!
Ron. So 3 in total!

Hagrid is half... and half...

Select the two correct answers
No one knows!

Ron's rat was really....

Peter Pettigrew! That grossie!
Sirius Black! Hiding from his enemies forever!
Uh...His rat is just a rat....

Harry's parents and Dumbledore's siblings....

Select the four correct answers
Struedoreth Dumbledore
Aberforth Dumbledore
Lily Potter, or Lily Evans
James Potter
Molly Potter
Ariana Dumbledore
Oblinsece Potter