How much do YOU know about Harry Potter? Part 1 (1)

How much do YOU know about Harry Potter? Part 1 (1)

Are you a TRUE fan? Or NOT? :) Find out in this quiz! Hope you like it!

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Ron's rat was really....

Peter Pettigrew! That grossie!
Sirius Black! Hiding from his enemies forever!
Uh...His rat is just a rat....

Harry's parents and Dumbledore's siblings....

Select the four correct answers
Struedoreth Dumbledore
Aberforth Dumbledore
Lily Potter, or Lily Evans
James Potter
Molly Potter
Ariana Dumbledore
Oblinsece Potter

Mad-eye Moody turned Draco into a what?

Hagrid is half... and half...

Select the two correct answers
No one knows!

If you want a wand, where should you go?

Name all the Weasleys!

Ron, Ginny, Fred, George. And their parents, that's 6 in total!
Fred, George, Percy, Ron, Ginny, Charlie, Bill, and 2 others! 9 in total!
Ron. So 3 in total!