what would boys do?

what would boys do?

this quiz that i have created is just simple questions on what you think a boy would do in these situations i hope you enjoy my quiz and that you find that you know what a boy is really like but it will also allow you to walk up to your friends and say hey i just did this quiz on the weekend and i got all them right so looks like i know all about them you could even use my quizzes that i put up for a little club and confirm your answer and see who is the winner and they get a prize!!! my quizzes are great for these sort of things thank you

published on January 02, 201427 responses 7

what would a boy like for ma present?

B:gym stuff

If you stared at a boy what would they do back?

A:stare back and smile
B:look at you funny
C:mouth saying what! and being paranoid

if you were having a fight with your boyfriend what would they say to you

A:Shut up
C:lets work this out

If you asked a boy to sit with you at lunch would they?

A:ignore you
B:laugh at you
C:sit with you

If you told your boyfriend that you wanted to kiss them what would they say?


What would a boy say to you if you told them they were hot?

A:umm thanks

if a boy got you a present what would it be?


If you asked a boy out what would they say?

C:just stare and walk away

If you went on a holiday with a boy where would they take you?

C:random places

If you watched a movie with a boy what movie?

A:the notebook (romance)
B:The mummy(action)
C:a disney movie