Are you the perfect date for someone

Find out if you are the perfect date <3 Have fun enjoy Luv ~Alyssa~<3 XOXOXO

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IF your date wnated to see a starwars type movie would you agree to watch it?

No we would find one we both like

Your date ate onions before your date would you kiss him?/Her?

I would change the subject

If your date wanted you to

send him pics of you in your bikini
take a bike ride
get a playful piggie back ride

Your date likes to

Party with you and your friends
Hang out with his friends
spend time with you 1 on 1

Your date wants to take his Motorcycle But your mom won't let you would you

make up a lie that your scared to go
tell him the truth
Or just cancel the date

Your date wants to meet your family but you dont want him to would u

make up some lie there all dead
tell him he can
tell him you dont want him to but he can

At the end of the day your date wants to walk you up to the door and give you a goodnight kiss but your dad is home would u

tell him not to walk you to the door
Tell him he can but before you got to the door get your kiss
he walks you up to the door and gives you a kiss anyway

Your dad doesn't want you to go on the 2nd date and he says your grounded you cant go would u

sneak out
beg your father to let you go
dont go at all

Your date loves you but he's talking to your bff would u

tell her ot back off you really like this guy
fight for him
punch her in the face

Your date loves the show icarly but you hate it would u

tell him to stop watching it
Get him some help
tell him its ok if he watchs it