Twilight Extras Quiz

See if you remember these fun tidbits from the first two movies. Most Q's are from the commentary.

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In Stephanie Meyer's cameo, what does she claim to be writing on her laptop?

New Moon
Breaking Dawn
The Host

Where was the Swan's house in Twilight located?

Portland, Oregon
Vancouver, British Colomia, Canada
New York City, New York
A Studio

Who was Kristen Stewart imperonating at the beginning of the Twilight commentary?

Catherine Hardwicke
Robert Pattinson
Taylor Lautner
Chuck Norris

Who was the first Twilight director?

Catherine Hardwicke
Chris Wietz
David Slade
Bill Condon

What other film has Chris Wietz directed?

Harry Potter
American Pie
The Last Airbender

What is written in Italian in the Volturi Lair?

"Give me money"
"I love my dog"
"Life is short, art is forever"
"Twilight is cool, see it"

According to Chris Wietz, why aren't the actors doing the commentary as well?

He accidentally ate Kristen Stewart's burger the night before
They were busy
They weren't invited
They didn't want to

Why did Robert Pattinson mess up the Vampire Bella flashforeward scene?

He runs like a girl
He runs too slow
He has a wierd look on his face
He just doen't do slow motion.