So how much do you really know about epilepsy?

So how much do you really know about epilepsy?

With all the stigma attached to epilepsy, it is difficult knowing what to believe and what not to - take my quiz and find out more! Good luck!!

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Which one of the following is not a part of your brain?


What should you do if a person is having a seizure and there is not an adult nearby?

Read the comics or watch TV until an adult arrives
Call the emergency services at once
Make something to eat and drink for the person having the seizure

Which of these famous people have / had epilepsy?

Danny Glover, Martin Kemp, Rik Mayall and Bud Abbott
Lil Wayne, Prince, Julius Caesar and Joan of Arc
Napoleon Bonaparte, Dame Agatha Christie, Morgan Freeman and Albert Einstein
All of these people

One way to stop seizures is to...

Take medication
Stay home in bed

Doctors always know why someone has epilepsy, true or false?


You can catch epilepsy from someone who has it?

No, it is not possible to catch epilepsy from a person who has it.
Yes you can.
Only if the person with epilepsy sneezed near you.

How long will most seizures last?

A few minutes or less
A few hours
A few days

A seizure is a sudden burst of ____ in your brain. What goes in the blank?