Sonic the Hedgehog Game Quiz

Sonic the Hedgehog Game Quiz

How much do you know about the original Sonic the Hedgehog game? Here I'm going to test you and we'll see how much you know about this classic game!

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Which zone would inspire the casino theme for later Sonic games?

Spring Yard
Star Light

Check the following zones that have the enemy Buzzbomber or Caterkiller.

Select the four correct answers
Green Hill
Spring Yard
Star Light
Scrap Brain

The order of the zones is:

Green Hill, Spring Yard, Star Light, Marble, Labyrinth, Scrap Brain
Green Hill, Labyrinth, Star Light, Marble, Spring Yard, Scrap Brain
Green Hill, Star Light, Marble, Labyrinth, Spring Yard, Scrap Brain
Green Hill, Marble, Spring Yard, Labyrinth, Star Light, Scrap Brain

The game's main antagonist is named:
Please capitalize your answer.
Dr. ____

What machine did Eggman use for Marble Zone?

A machine that swings a giant metallic ball around on a chain.
A machine that adds a spike to its bottom when Sonic goes under it.
A machine that RUNS AWAY!
A machine that has a small cannon on the bottom and it shoots fire.

What kind of special stage holds the Chaos Emeralds?

A rotating maze that you must go through while avoiding GOAL blocks, then break some diamond shapes and collect the captive Chaos
Get all of the Blue Spheres on a 3-Dimensional plane while avoiding the red spheres.
You're inside a half-pipe and you must collect a number of rings and pass through two checkpoints, then do a third segment and get the
Chaos Emerald once you get the required rings.
None of these are correct.


- Kill you.
- Act as a health meter.
- Act as bonus collectibles to collect.
- Allow you to spindash.

Green Hill made an appearance in all of the following EXCEPT:

Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle)
Sonic Battle
Sonic Rush
Sonic Generations

How many "acts" are in each zone?

3, and a boss act.

The monitor with a shoe will do what?

Give you an extra life.
Increase your speed drastically.
Kill you.
Decrease your speed drastically.

The game was made in:


How many Chaos Emeralds there?


Which of the following was a zone here?

Marble Garden
Casino Night Zone
Star Light Zone
Mystic Cave Zone

Was Sonic the only playable character in the game?


List the console this game went on.

Select the three correct answers
Sega Genesis
Super Nintendo
Wii Virtual Console

Which Zones from this game appear in the Game Gear version? Check the ones that are.

Select the three correct answers
Green Hill.
Spring Yard.
Star Light.
Scrap Brain.