Modern History Semester

Modern History Semester

Goes over chapters 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, and 23. All the questions you need to know for the Semester test.

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One reason for the involvement of many people in the renaissance was because 60% of the

population died in the bubonic plague.
men in Italy became merchants.
wealth in Italy was owned by the Medici.
painters and sculptors in the world were in Italy.

Leonardo da Vinci was an excellent example of the Renaissance Italy's man because he

was a politician, and politicians were considered the pinnacle of human achievement.
came from a wealthy family and greatly improved his family's status in society.
wrote grand romantic poetry and insightful political treatises.
was a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, and mathematician.

Christian humanists believed that

people should continue to follow the christian belief while also using the idea of individualism
by studying biology, one could assure one's salvation
God did not intend man to know more than what was written in the Bible.
society should return to simpler ways and not focus on gaining wealth and material possessions.

____ was the first Protestant faith.

Christian humanism

The Peace of Augsburg formally

made Martin Luther the patron saint of the Holy Roman Empire.
condemned the division of Christianity in Germany.
allowed for nations to choose their own religion by their leader.
ended the war between France and Morocco.

Part of Calvin's reformation of the city of Geneva included

not letting others into his city.
allowing people to wear bright clothes.
the execution of Thomas Moore.
requiring people to attend religious class.

King Henry VIII move to pull out of the Catholic church became known as the

England reformation
Edict of Worms

____ founded the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits.

Pope Paul III
The Council of Trent
Ignatius of Loyola
The Act of Supremacy of 1534

Thomas Moore is known for writing Utopia with the idea of

idealized heroism, which became a model for Italian men.
what the perfect Renaissance man should be like.
instructed rulers to abandon morality as the basis for political activity.
a world that is free of problems.

Machiavelli is known for writing The Prince with the idea of

idealized heroism, which became a model for Italian men.
what the perfect Renaissance man should be like.
instructed rulers to abandon morality as the basis for political activity.
a world that is free of problems.

The ____ movement had a profound effect on arts and learning reforms.


The Renaissance in Italy is associated with which three artists?

Leonardo da Vinci, Jan van Eyck, and Albrecht Dürer
Raphael, Donatello, and Jose Saurez
Masaccio, Donatello, and Filippo Brunelleschi
Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo

____ was the best known of all Christian reformationists.

Desiderius Erasmus
Filippo Brunelleschi
Martin Luther
Albrecht Dürer

The publication of Martin Luther's Ninety-five Thesis

was immediately seen as a threat by local businesses.
attacked by abuses in the sale of indulgences, beginning the Protestant Reformation.
was largely ignored until decades after Luther's death.
was given attention from the pope.

Calvin agreed with Luther on most important doctrines exept

use of relics in the church.
the leadership of the Catholic Church.
the sale of indulgences.

Why did Shah Jahan order the building of the Taj Mahal?

Honor his grandfather, Akbar.
Encourage Hindus and Muslims.
In memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
Memorial for Guru Arjun, Sikh leader.

The devershirme system was designed to

turn Christian boys into soldiers.
do away with all rivals to the throne.
make a fairer tax system.
divide political power equally between Christians and Muslims.

The decline of the Ottoman empire can be contributed to

disruption in trade.
leaders losing power to local rulers.
natural disasters.
religious rebellions.

The ruler Jahangir did not directly rule the Ottoman empire because

his nephew removed him from office and threw him in jail.
his wife, Nure Jahan ruled for him.
he was forced to make decisions for his brother.
he was a puppet emperor for his brother.

The land policy under Akbar was seen as unfair because

the rich always were given the most land.
land was not inherited to children.
all crops had to go to the emperor.
the same families always got the land.

The Hagia Sophia was a(n)

Christian church that was transformed to an Islamic Mosque.
ancient Hindu temple.
Islamic Mosque that was transformed into a Christian Church.
Islamic pilgrimage site.

Which IS NOT a notion that Akbar promoted religious freedoms?

had wives of many backgrounds.
allowing religious freedoms.
ending taxes on non-muslims.
destroying Hindu temples.

What was the pressing desire behind the 1st European explorers to get from Asia

Samurai Swords
Chinese rice

Which of the following WAS NOT a Portuguese invention used by early explorers from Europe?

Muslim astrolabe
Sun dial

A navigational school was created by Prince Henry in


The Line of Demarcation was adjusted because

Portugal would have gotten all of the North and South America.
Spain would have gotten all of the North and South America.
Spain and Portugal decided to share the new land.
the Americans were not discovered yet and needed to be divided before the line was made.

One of the reforms that was put in place to erase the Mongol past was

laws to prevent irrigation.
growing European crops.
the 1st fish farms.
ending the growing of rice.

____ determined who got certain jobs in China during the 1400-1600's.

Family of birth
Civil Service Exams
Class of the individual
"Survival of the fittest" policy

A result of Chinese trading was that the Chinese

took advantage of Europeans.
showed Chinese dominance to the world.
expanded Chinese tribute system
expanded Muslim religion.

As a result of previous uprisings, ____ had to spend every other year at the capital city of Edo.


A result of bring European crops to China was

the stoppage of rice growing.
shortage of food for Chinese.
better diet and nutrition.
Chinese citizens becoming obese.

Spain become indebted to other nations because they

borrowed money for war.
gave money to other nations for war.
allowed themselves to ship everything in.
they sold clothes to other nations.

The Dutch did all EXCEPT to become a powerful trading empire.

They bought surpluses of grain.
They had a surplus of timber to sell.
They blockaded other nations and only let Dutch products in.
They had the largest fleet in the world.

In order to get their freedom when Spain invaded, the Netherlands

brutally attacked them.
flooded their own nation.
ran from Spanish armies until they gave up.
accepted Spain's religious rule.

In order to get France's economy back on track Louis the XIV

invaded other nations to get a large economical base.
stopped importing goods from other nations.
made France self sufficient by giving breaks to French businesses.
allowed religious freedom to everyone in France.

The Peace of Westphalia was monumental because now countries would

not charge anyone with war crimes.
not be allowed to gain territory in a treaty.
all agree to have peace with one another.
allowed all countries to negotiate for what they wanted.

Why was the Peace of Augsburg monumental?

Every country now followed Catholicism.
Everyone now could choose their own religion.
Princes could choose their own religion.
It outlawed all religion in Europe.

Which WAS NOT something Peter the Great did to westernize Russia?

Introduced potatoes.
Start Russian newspaper.
Give the power of the church back to the church.
allowed women to attend social events.

The petition of rights in England was important because it

stated that the ing was not above the law.
gave the people the freedom of religion.
gave rights to the King that people could not take away.
established that parliament was all powerful.

When inventions and changes were made that differed from previous viewpoints, the Catholic curch

accepted the new findings.
denied the new findings existed.
put those responsible for the ideas on trial and punished them for their ideas
printed books to publish the findings.

The Social contract theory states that

the government needs to be democratic and voice the people's opinion.
everyone is born equal and needs to be treated fairly.
people agree to create government and have 1 ruler to rule them.
powers of government need to be separated.

Which WAS NOT one of the types of philosophies that were studied?


Why was invention of inoculation important?

Completely stopped the spread of diseases.
Allowed scientist to create cures for all diseases.
Allowed people to get a live strand of a virus to act as a vaccine.
Allowed scientist to breed germs to fight certain viruses.

Which WAS NOT a reason for the colonist success in the revolutionary war?

American's had higher motivation to fight.
Britain got sick of financing the war.
They had more money than Britain.
The British generals made mistakes.

The Scientific revolution was important because

it instilled in people the importance of the church's reasoning behind human achievements.
it proved that science can be used to explain happenings on earth.
it proved that science can not explain what happens on earth.
it gave the church an opportunity to publish written material backing up religious findings.

The belief in natural rights says that

each country should be a democracy.
people are born free and equal and should have their rights protected.
people need to let government do its job without interfering.
government can do what is best to protect their citizens, such as taking away rights.

The concept of direct democracy was brought up because it was suppose to

give up some power for the common good.
take all power away from the people.
create a powerful government with a powerful ruler.
only allow rich, male citizens to participate in government.

The Scientific method was important because

it set forth a proper process to conduct scientific research.
it allowed scientists an easy way to publish new material.
it showed how unreliable science research actually was.
it gave the church something to use to discredit the use of science.

The leader of France at the beginning of the French Revolution was

Louis XVI
Napoleon Bonaparte
Maximilian Robespierre
King Henry VIII

The Declaration of the Rights of man was set up to

separate social classes in France.
explain the rights based on social class.
declare all men are equal.
determine who had what rights.

The main goal of the National Assembly

was to get all 3 estates together to push reforms through France.
was to get France out of debt with other nations.
was for the 3rd estate to pass their reforms they wanted.
was to overthrow the unfair emperor of France.