Mlp Fim Guessing quiz

Mlp Fim Guessing quiz

Each question consists of a short description about the character given. Try your best to guess who the pony is, sorry but no images because whats the fun at if I provide you a picture. It will be to easy for you guys especially bronies. In other words have fun and enjoy!

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This pony is reliable, hard working and has a younger sister named Applebloom. They both work on a farm, bucking their way through apple trees. She is the pony who will always lend a hoove when someone is in need of assistance.

This pony is the life of a party and always smiling, she represents laughter.

This pony has the ability to communicate with animals like no other. Shes awfully shy, has empathy towards every pony and represents kindess.

This pony is generous and ultimately, she is a wonderful and skillful designer. She has a knack for fashion and hates all things that make her dirty.

A certain ponies assistant who is in love with a pony. He helps with chores and organizing in the household.

This pony has a very special talent and represents the element of magic. When she was just a little filly, she went to the School for Gifted Unicorns.

This pony is athletic and made the impossible happen. In other words a sonic rainboom!

This certain some pony was banished to the moon once. (Use her antagonist name, referring to her name before she was considered a princess again.

The ponies in Ponyville thought this pony was an evil enchantress. Who is she?

A pet of a certain pony. This pet loves carrots. He intents to make the owner stand up for herself, making his name perfectly chosen.

A toothless aligator, who doesn't really do anytihng. He just stares and stares. A pet of a pony at Sugar Cube Corner.

An antagonist who was later reformed and learned the magic of friendship.

A background pony who absolutely loves muffins! (Answer with her fan name)

This pony is referred to a certain pony as Big Brother Best Friend Forever. He later married the princess of The Crystal Empire. (A.ka. B.B.B.F.F)

This pony is a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and is Rarity's younger sister. What is her name?

He is a dark unicorn, known for invading The Crystal Empire using his dark magic. He is another antagonist featured in season three, what is this dark ponies name?

This pony was bragging about her being the best unicorn. She was visiting Ponyville and was dong some fancy tricks. She even spoke of an Ursa Major that once she vanished. (Which is untrue)

A very evil antagonist who was the queen of the changelings.

She was a part of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She is a fan of another pegasus and has developed a sisterly bond with her. Who is this pony?

This alicorn made some certain pony her personal student. Who is this?