Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

A kid view of his experience of his life at school. show his highs and low with friends, peers, and teachers

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At the swimming banquet, what award did Gregg end up getting?

Sometimes I just HATE Rowley in the way his parents treat him. (What does the word HATE mean in the sentence)

to discredit
to love
to dislike

I find it hard not to CREDIT when ever someone brings it up. (What does the word CREDIT mean in the sentence)

tell someone whats going on
say your sorry to someone
to say you did it

What is the name of Gregg pen-pal he got in class?


When Gregg get made he goes up stairs to CAMP OUT in his bedroom. (What does the word CAMP OUT mean in the sentence)

tighty up
to leave

For a final science fair project what was Rodricks project?

plant sneeze
how a bird flys
a rock

What pledge did Gregg's mom hold to?

How much time passes before Rodrick called all his friends over to party?

one second
a minute
an hour
the next day

At the begging of school, who did Gregg pass the cheese touch to?

Steven Louse
Jeremy Pindle
Bob sausen

Why did Gregg's dad choose swimming for a summer active for Gregg?

he knows Gregg hates swimming so he say he needs to try it
he has an aerodynamic body for swimming
he needs to be more active
because he thinks Gregg will be an amazing swimmer

Rodrick and I got PHYSICAL with each other after and argument we had. (What does the word PHYSICAL mean in the sentence)

to talk
to run
to push

Which pop singer is Rowley planing on getting attached to when he is in Europe?


who is named Joe Heffley from Gregg's family tree?

Rodrick and I got into a huge BLOWOUT over the TV remote. (What does the word BLOWOUT mean in the sentence)

to fight
an explosion
to slam a door

In class today i got a DECENT seat in my first class. (What does the word DECENT mean in the sentence)


In the winter talent show, who was the winner "best musical act"?

Linzey Strain
Harry Gilbertson
Gregg Heffley
Moe Gilbert

What did Gregg's dad do to get teenagers off his driveway?

yell at them
play classical music
run them over
dance in front of them

Rodrick loves to CRAM it down my throat when I mess up. (What does the word CRAM mean in the sentence)

to throw
to push
to brag

What is the new toy named that Rowley got?

Dino blazer
remote control car
Dino attack
T-rex run

In class today we got to choose PEN-PAL'S to write to every week. (What does the word PEN-PAL's mean in the sentence)

look for people
stranger to write to
a friend with a pen

Who is the author of the book?

What is Gregg's last name?

When ever I say something CRITICAL my dad doesn't want to here it. (What does the word CRITICAL mean in the sentence)

not nice
to underestimate

What is the name of Rodricks band?

the rockers
loded DIPER
coOL kIds

I thought i really knew who was SUPPOSED to be in the family picture. (What does the word SUPPOSED mean in the sentence)

who was not
who it should be
who isn't there