Are you a Rebel????

Are you a Rebel????

This is the ultimate quiz to take if you are wondering if you need to complete the levels of rebel. It is required that you take this quiz to become a rebel in Mama's eyes!

published on December 05, 201321 responses 2 1.0★ / 5

How often do rebels fight?

All the time
Sometimes when necessary

What do rebels eat?

Fruits and vegetables
Any thing they want to

How do rebels walk?

They slouch, swing their arms, bend their knees, and use attitude
They stand up straight with no attitude
They don't walk, but make someone carry them

Who is Mamma Kas? (we're not talking about the singer!)

A singer
A person who designed the rebel website
A truly skilled rebel

How do rebels say hello?

"Hey yo rebel"
"ya ya ya" -pat on other rebels back- and nod