Do You think You know The Hunger Games?

Do You think You know The Hunger Games?

In this quiz you will test your skills to see if you think you know everything about the Hunger Games

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Who does Katniss pretend to marry to save her life?


What is the name of sister of Katniss

What is the District that Rue is from?

District 12
Distrcit 11
District 5

How did Glimmer die?

Cato decided to sop being allies with her and killed her when she was asleep
She got hit in the head by a boulder that Thresh threw at her
The venom from the Tracker Jackers got into her body and caused her to painfully die

Why did Katniss volunteer to tribute to the person before her?

It was a person who was really young and was close to death
She did it because it was her sister
She wanted to be nice and friendly

What was the arena like?

It was a complete desert and no chance of survival
It was a woody area with lots of trees and plenty of water
It was a mountain range and it turned out to freeze overnight