Things Fall Apart Chapters 13-18

Things Fall Apart Chapters 13-18

Things Fall Apart 3rd chapter set quiz, Chapters thirteen through eighteen

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Why was Okonkwo exiled?

He physically harmed an elder
He was responsible for the death of a clan member
He beat his wife during the week of peace
He beat another person's child

What is the significance of the motherland?

It is a place to make someone feel safe, like a child running to their mother for protection.
It symbolizes separation because a man should separate from his mother when he is of age.
Because life comes from the land like a child comes from their mother

Why do the villagers tie up the bicycle?

So they could eat it later
So it wouldn't be stolen
They don't want it to run away and talk to the white man's friends

What do the villagers think of the white men?

The are ugly
They are insane
The are wise

What does Okonkwo do when he finds out Nwoye has converted to Christianity?

Chokes him
Praises him
Beats him

Why is Okonkwo concerned for the younger generations?

Because Christianity is becoming more popular
Because they are more feminine
Because people are having more twins