FAM Quiz

How well do you know the FAM ladies?? Take this quiz to find out!!!! :)

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She wears a size 3 shoe.

She is 20 years older than her youngest sibling.

She can play piano, guitar, and clarinet.

She once drove the members of Barenaked Ladies to a Taco Bell, and then to a party.

She loves to draw, especially imaginary floor plans of houses.

She had an online relationship when she was a freshman in college and never told her husband about it

She got married on the beach in Hawaii when she was 27.

Her husband is a UPS delivery driver.

She has broken over 20 bones in her life.

She holds her big toe straight up like Olive Oil from Pop Eye when she gets nervous or excited.

She almost died twice and once was due to doctor error.

She has 5 piercings other than her ears.