Infection, Immunity, Inflammation

Infection, Immunity, Inflammation

Part II of the Pharmacology III exam that contains many drugs the majority of the test will cover.

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It is important to remember that penicillin....?

Select the three correct answers
Has a high incidence serious reactions; anaphylaxis
Developing drug resistance
is a narrow spectrum drug

True/False. It is safe to take sulfonamides with anti-coagulants & anti-diabetic agents.

When a patient is taking a sulfonamide what instructons would you give the patient?

Select the two correct answers
avoid the sun and wear sunscreen
This drug is safe to tak with antacids
increase fluid intake

An anti-infective penicillin is used to treat what kind of infection?

Used to treat bronchospasms
Used to treat bacillus infections
Used for staphylococcal and streptococcal infections; also gonorrhea, syphilis, anthrax

When taking a tetracycline it is important not to take which products with this drug?

Aluminum, calcium, or iron
chromium, potassium, or sodium
acidic fruits & juices

How is the yellow fever spread?

mosquito-borne viral illness
airborne droplets
via contaminated food & watrer

What kind of tests need to be done when taking an antifungal drug?

blood glucose
liver function

When is it allowed to administer the influenza & pneumococcal vaccines during pregnancy?

Allowed if 2 months pregnant
Allowed if 1 month pregnant
Allowed with asthma or other chronic illnesses

Antifungal drugs are used to treat what?

treat severe fungal infections
treat moderate fungal infections
treat mild fungal infections

When a patient is taking an anti-gout drug the nurse would ...?

have fluid intake at 2,500-3,000 mL/day
increase fiber intake
have fluid intake at 1,500-2,500 mL/day

What is an important nursing consideration regarding allergic reactions to penicillins?

rash to anaphylactic shock
respiratory depression

When treating VRE with a oxazolidinone the nurse should inform the patient to...?

avoid sunlight
avoid excessive tyramine- rich foods
avoid acidic fruits & juices

In order to discontinue a corticosteroid the nurse should take what action?

Taper doses 4-12 days
Taper doses over 2 weeks
Taper doses over 5-10 days

When would you complete the typhoid immunization?

1 week before travel
1 month before travel
2 weeks before travel

Lincosamides are effective against which type of infections besides streptococci?

With a selective Cox-2 inhibitor what can you expect?

True/False. Lipopeptides and Glycopeptides are both used to treat MRSA?

Before startign a patient on an antibiotic you want to obtain a...?

Urine Culture
Culture & Sensitivity (C & S)

What do Salicylates & NSAIDS do?

decrease uric acid
inhibit postaglandin synthesis thus decreasing inflammation, temperature, pain, & platelet aggregation
decrease effects of opioids

The doctor prescribes a tetracycline to a 7 year old boy, what action would the nurse take?

Ask the physician to prescribe another drug to the 7 year old
Give specific instructions to the parent/guardian regarding safe administration of the drug
Nothing is wrong with what the doctor ordered

what are some nursing considerations associated with NSAIDS?

Select the three correct answers
Concurrent with histamine 2 blockers (prescribed to prevent peptic ulcers)
Bleeding disorders due to anti-platelet aggregation
renal damage due to vasocontriction of the kidneys

When taking a fluoroquinolone you should...?

Select the two correct answers
Decrease fluid intake
Causes photosensitivity
Watch for muscular problems ( joint pain, tendonitis)

When would you need to get another immunization for the yellow fever?

every 5 years
every 6 months
every 10 years

What drug is used to treat VRE, complicated skin & skin structure infections caused by staphylococcus & streptococcal strains?

which type of drug is effective against a wide variety both gram+ and gram-?

What are some nursing considerations for Aminoglycosides?

Select the two correct answers
Not absorbed GI, administer IM or IV
Causes Ototoxicity & Nephrotoxicity
Safe during pregnancy

Why is it important to take the entire prescription of an anti-infective/anti-microbial?

Select the two correct answers
To prevent resistance to drug in the future
To adhere to the physicians instructions
To Completely eradicate the infection

What is an adverse effect of a penicillin?

superimposed infection
nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

What is the action of an anti-viral drug?

a bactericidal agent
Used for viruses more difficult to eradicate and prevent replication of virus
used to treat gram- & gram + bacteria

Which drug classification decreases uric acid synthesis, inflammation, deposition of uric acid crystals in joints or elminate uric acid in urine?

what kind of bacteria are aminoglycosides used to treat?

A broad-spectrum antibiotic can often cause what?

GI disturbances
superimposed infections

If the patient is allergic to penicillin what can be used as a substitute for that allergy?


If Cox-2 is inhibited what may the patient expect?

decreased inicidence of bleeding disorders but increased incidence of cardiac disorders & strokes due to edema & hypertension
increased incidence of bleeding
gastric problems

What will the nurse want to consider with a patient precribed macrolides?

Select the two correct answers
Macrolides are excreted in the biles & feces, & decreases urine
contraindicated in liver disease, but used in renal patients
Macrolides may cause insomnia

What would the nurse tell the paitent prescribed a macrolide?

Select the three correct answers
You may experience GI disturbances such as ( nausea,vomiting, & diarrhea)
Food decreases absorption so take 1-2 h AC or 2-3 h PC
This drug an be hepatotoxic if given in high doses

How is typhoid spread?

airborne droplets
vector borne
via contaminated food & water

What is an important nursing consideration regarding streptogramins?

causes inflammation
causes superinfections
Causes myalgia & arthralgia (bone & muscle pain)

Which drug is used to treat systemic trichomoniasis, vag trichomonas, amebiasis, & helicobacter pylori

A nurse will tell a patient taking a penicillin what important facts?

Select the two correct answers
If administered IM you can use any muscle
Avoid acidic fruits & juices
This medicine reduces the effectiveness of oral contraceptives

Some nursing considerstions regarding ketolides are...?

Select the three correct answers
Ketolides can be hepatotoxic
Ketolides can cause an exacerbation of muscukar disease (myasthenia gravis)
Ketolides cause blurred vision, diplopia & GI disturbances, as well as, vag yeast infections

what are some nursing considerations associated with salicylates?

Select the three correct answers
high doses can causes tinnitus
can cause bronchospasm with wheezing
can cause Reye's Syndrome in children with virus

Cephlosporins can cause which adverse reaction if taken with alcohol?

Select the three correct answers
Headache & muscular weakness

With a Corticosteroid the patient is...?

decrease ability to be infected
prone to infection
fine, nothing will happen

True/False. Lincosamides is not as toxic as Macrolides?

Which herbs increase bleeding disorders?

rosemary, dill weed thyme, lavender
dong quai, feverfew, garlic, giniger, ginko biloba

What are some effects of tetracyclines the nurse can tell the patient about?

Select the three correct answers
Stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen because tetracyclines cause photosensitivty
Tetracyclines cause dizziness
Store tetracyclines in a cool dry place and if the mediciation is out of date it can be toxic

If an anti-infective is bacteriostatic it will do what to bacteria?

kill bacteria
inhibit growth
increase growth

When should you take a tetracycline?

with food
30 minutes before a meal
On an empty stomach with water

What are Sulfonamides used to treat?

UTI, otitis media, burns (topical), eye infections

When taking febuxostat an anti-gout drug some side effects you wouls look for are...

Select the two correct answers
liver damage
cv events

True/False. Corticosteroids are used for long term use.

What will the nurse tell the patient prescribed an anti-protozoal agent?

Select the three correct answers
can cause candidiasis superimposed infections
You will experience a metallic taste
Your urine will appear a reddish, brown color

When a patient is taking an anti-tubercular drug the nurse will tell the patient...?

Select the two correct answers
When taking rifampin you van expect red stools, rusty color
do not attend social events
medication can cause hepatotoxicity with INH

Yes/No? If a patient is allergic to a tetracycline are you able to administer a glycylcline?

If you discontinue an anti-tubercular drug prematurely you can...?

reactivate disease
cause a superinfection
cause an electrolyte imbalance

Regarding GI disturbances with Lincosamides, when would you stop the medication?

In the case of bloody diarrhea
In the case an asthma patient
In the case of renal disease

When should you not take SAM-e?

with alcohol
with antacids
with St. John's Wort or anti-depressants

When taking allopurinol an anti-gout drug some side effects include ...

Select the two correct answers
cv events

A tetracycline is classified as a broad-spectrum drug because it is effective against what type of bacteria?

When taking a corticosteroid you are prone to peptic ulcers, to reduce the chances you want to instruct the patient to...?

increase fluid intake
take with an antacid
take with food and/or a histamine2 blocker

Since Aminoglycosides have a narrow therapeutic index you want to monitor what?

serum levels
peak & trough levels

Ketolides are used to treat which type of infections?


What kind of anti-tubercular drug is used after a close contact TB exposure?

What is important to tell a 2 month pregnant patient prescribed a tetracycline?

Consume 8 oz of water with tetracycline
Tetracycline needs to be D/C after the 4th month of pregnancy
This drug will cause dizziness

If Cox-1 is inhibit what may the patient expect?

prone to bleeding & gastric problems
prone to diabetes
prone to inflammation

If an anti-infective is bactericidal it will do what to bacteria?

kill bacteria
inhibit growth
increase growth

When taking Colchicine an anti-gout drug some side effects include....

Select the two correct answers
GI disturbances
acute episodes of gout

What action does the OTC herb S-adenosylmethionine (SAM-e) do?

improves mood & flexibility of joints
improves personality
improves energy

With an anti-viral agent the nurse would...?

instruct to wear sunscreen
encourage fluids
instruct the patient to get plenty of rest

What nursing considerations need to be considered regarding glycopeptides?

Select the three correct answers
Glycopeptides can be ototoxic & nephrotoxic
Glycopeptides can cause blood dyscrasias & you need to monitor peak & trough levels
If gylcopeptides are given too rapidly you can end up with erythema of the face, neck, & chest (red man syndrome), fever, chills, and decreased BP

What does a macrolide do?

Treatment of a rash
Treatment of UTI
Treatment of respiratory tract, GI, skin & soft tissue, & STDs

When taking an OTC herb like glucosamine/chondroitin for osteoarthritis what would the nurse monitor for on the patient?

monitor BP
monitor BS
monitor RR

what are some side effects of sulfonamides?

Select the three correct answers
blood dyscrasias & photosensitivity

The action of an anti-infective/ anti-microbial is to....?

Select the three correct answers
Destroy the structure that houses the invading organism- cell wall
Disabling the invading organism's ability to reproduce itself; disturbing/ interfering with DNA/RNA
Inhibit protein synthesis of bacterial cells

Fluoroquinolones are...?

narrow-spectrum drugs
broad-spectrum drugs
narrow therapeutic index

What does the anti-tubercular drug INH decrese?

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C

True/False. If you are allergic to penicillins than you are most likely allergic to cephlosporins?

Which type of drug is effective against a limited number of organisms?

True/False. It is best to take an anti-viral agent within 24-48 hrs of onset symptoms.

Cephlosporins can cause nephrotoxicity in what kind of patients?

liver failure paitents
Geriatrics & pre-existing renal disease patients
stroke patients

When using an anti-viral agent as a cream for herpes simplex you need to instruct the patient what?

rub in
apply with gloves
apply every 2 hours while awake

Why would you encourage fluid intake when taking an anti-infective/anti-microbial?