wacky races

wacky races

this a quiz all about the cars and people in the wacky races like which car is which.

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which car uses dragon power.

The convert a car
The creepy coupe

which charector in the wacky races drrives the crimson haybailer

which car does peter perfect drive

the ant hill mob
the compact pussycat
the turbo terrific

in one episode penelope pitstop sprays ________ on peter perfect

what is penelope pitstops famous saying

never mind ille just.....
little ole
oooh i say

In the buzzwagon there is a strong man and his pet what is the pet and what is it called.

a bear called blubber
a dog called muttley
a bever called sawtooth

the arkness saw chuggabug is driven by blubber bear and luke but luke is none as which of these.

happy luke
strong luke
lazy luke

in car 1 is who.

in the wacky races there one charector who is a cheetah and is the badie but who is it.

big grusome and little grusome in the creepy coupe
private meeekley and sargent blast in the army surplus
dick dasterdly and muttley in the mean machine

The ant hill mob has how many people driving their car.