How much do you know about gymnastics?

How much do you know about gymnastics?

Find out if you have what it takes to be an olympian gymnast! Who knows you could be the next Nastia Luikin!!

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What is a balance beam?

something used for building
A competitive gymnastics event in which various balancing feats are performed on this beam.
i dont know

Who was the first U.S woman to win an Olympic gold medal for the gymnastics all around?

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Teddy Duncan
Nastia Luikin
Mary Lou Retton

What do you usually wear for gymnastics competitions?

Cheerleading Uniform
A Royal Gown

Are cheerleading and gymnastics the same thing?

Probably, I guess, Wait, IDK??
No Way!
Yes Exactly!

Who is Bela Karolyi??

A Guy Gymnast
A Leotard Designer
A Coach

Do you love gymnastics?

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Yes I love gymnastics!
No I dont even know what gymnastics is??
No way and this is a stupid quiz!!