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Who made up the clientele of the Hospice of Michele?

Terminally ill inmates
Women inmates training to be nuns
Boys and young men
Political criminals
senile elderly inmates

The first so-called â??penitentiaryâ?? in America opened in Philadelphia in 1790; it was named the: (Find in CH-1)

Maison de Force.
. Newgate Prison
House of Detention.
Walnut Street Jail.
Sing Sing Prison

3. Why did Pennsylvania become the source of many ideas of prison reform in the colonial and early national eras?
(Find in CH-1)

It had the highest crime rate.
The major universities were located there
It was probably due to Quaker influence.
It had the most primitive prisons and jails
The colony was founded by ex-convicts

Which of the following was intended to hold pre-trial inmates in England? (Find in CH-1)

The gaol
. The penitentiary
The workhouse
The house of correction
. The borstal

Jeremy Benthamâ??s idea that human beings seek pleasure while avoiding pain is called the: (Find in CH-1)

hedonistic calculus.
expiation syndrome.
operant conditioning
logical positivism.
sybaritic response.