Presentation test

Presentation test

Are you a bore or will you leave the crowd staring in awe at your amazing skills?

published on October 28, 20136 responses 0
Presentation test
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What is the first step of creating a great presentation

Think of a type of presentation
Leave it to the last minute
Start the presentation and work out what to do along the way

What should you never do while creating a presentation?

Look for spelling mistakes
Analyze yuor text to make sure it makes sense
Use slang because everyone will know what your on about

How much text should be on each slide?

The whole page should be covered in text
Only a title pictures will explain all that needs to be said
A brief idea on what your going to talk about on the slide

What should you always keep in mind?

Every page should have a different layout, font size and background
Every page should have the same layout, font size and background

How great was our presentation

Something special