Immigration Test

Immigration Test

Answer each question thoroughly and use complete sentences if necessary.

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What were two pull factors to America? (Two answers are needed)

Select the two correct answers

What were 2 requirements in the Naturalization Test?

Select the two correct answers
You must have job experience
You must be 18 years or older
You must have lived in the U.S. for 5 years

What did the Statue of Liberty's torch represent?

Lighting the way through the dark
Lighting the way through the water
Lighting the way to freedom

What did the statue of Liberty's crown represent?

The seven continents
Her royalty
Her openness

What were the problems in cities?

Why were immigrants deported?

They had a disease, were criminals, or disrespected the Constitution
They didn't speak English
They had no family members already living in the US

Why was it harder for the second wave of immigrants to assimilate than the first wave?

What did the Toga and pose on and of the Statue of Liberty represent?

Her femininity; escaping from England
Universal Legislator; The breaking away of Tyranny
Universal Legislator; the welcoming from Ellis Island

What does assimilation mean?

The process of becoming part of another culture
A bacterial infection in the eye
The rapid growth of city populations

What happened when immigrants got to Ellis Island

They looked for jobs
They ate good food
They were medically examed and asked 29 quesions