BBC Sherlock Quiz - A Study in Pink [Part 1]

BBC Sherlock Quiz - A Study in Pink [Part 1]

Awesome quiz for any Sherlock fan out there! How much do you know about the first episode? Really? Everything? Well we better get on with it then. The game is on!

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What is the name of John's therapist?


What did John read upside down in his therapist's journal?

Still has girlfriend issues
Need to buy some tissues
Still has trust issues

What were the dates of the first three "suicides"?

October 12th, November 26th, January 27th
October 11th, November 1st, January 22nd
January 1st, January 8th, January 15th

What was the name of the first person who "committed suicide"?

What is the message the detectives and the press keep receiving from an unknown source in the police press conference?


Who says this line - 'Well, don't commit suicide'?

Which old school friend does John Watson bump into and where?

Mark Stamford, Regent's Park
Mitch Stamford, Criterion Restaurant
Mike Stamford, Russell Square Park

Which war had John Watson been invalided home from?

How are we first introduced to Sherlock Holmes?

Shooting a wall
Drinking coffee
Flogging a cadaver as an experiment

What is the name of the sweet pathologist who just wants Sherlock to notice her?

Molly Hooter
Molly Hooper
Milly Hopper

How does Sherlock take his coffee?

Black, one sugar
Black, two sugars

Where do Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meet?

St Bartholomew's Hospital
221B Baker Street
Criterion Restaurant

What are the first words Sherlock says to John?

What instrument does Sherlock like to play when he's thinking?

What time does Sherlock tell John to meet him at Baker Street?

Six o'clock
Seven o'clock

When John returns to his flat and reads his sent messages, what does the text that Sherlock sent say?

If brother has a green ladder, arrest brother SH
Arrest brother SH

What is the name of their landlady (not their housekeeper!)?

Where did their landlady's husband get sentenced to death?

What's the name of the landlady next door?

Mrs Tyler
Mrs Turner
Mrs Morstan

What is the name of Sherlock's website?

Which two professions could Sherlock identify from a tie and left thumb?

Select the two correct answers
Lorry Driver
Software Designer
Airline Pilot

Where does the fourth 'suicide' take place?

Regent's Park
Battersea Power Station
Brixton, Lauriston Gardens

Finish this line - 'Who cares about decent? ____'?

What do people normally say?

Piss off

What relation is Harry to John?


What is the name of Harry's ex?


What did Jennifer Wilson write into the floorboards?


Is Jennifer Wilson left or right-handed?

"It's a crime scene, I don't want it contaminated" - who's line is this?

Where is Jennifer Wilson from?