Are You A Nerd? (1)

Are You A Nerd? (1)

Do You Think That Your Too Nerdy...Get The Results From The Best..Never Wrong :)

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Your Friends Decide That It Would Be Easier If They Just Copy Your Work..You Would..

Make Up Some Lame Excuse As To Why They Can't..
Lie And Say That You Lost Yours...
Let Them Copy It..But Make Sure They Reword It..
Tell Them No..And Help Them With It..

Your Friends Think It Would Be Funny If They Stole Your Best Friends Journal..You Know That She Writes All Her Personal Stuff In It..And They Want YOU To Steal It..You..

Pretend..That Your No Longer Friends With Her...And Go And Tell Her..
Go Get It For Them..But Make Them Promise Not To Tell Anybody...
Don't Say Anything..Just Make Sure You Tell Your Friend..
Do The Right Thing..And Tell Them No..That Shes Your Best Friend..And That You Don't Want Her To Get Hurt..By All Her Personal Stuff..

You've Been Busy All Week..Your History Teacher Assigned You A 5 Page Essay..You Have Had All Week To Do It..But..Do Your Lack Of Time You Have To Finish It By Today...But Your Favorite Movie Is Playing In The Theaer And All Your Friends Are Going..You..

Stay Home And Write The Essay..There Will Be Other Movies...And You Can Just Buy In On DVD
Hurry Through Your Essay...So You Can Go See That Movie With Your Friends..
Go To The Movies And Then Go Home And Try To Finish Your Essay..
Ignore Your Essay And Go To The Movies..You Can Just Bring Your Grade Up...Easily

Your Most Hated Teacher Just Gave You Extra Homework..You

Tell Your Teacher That You Wish For Less Homework...
Ignore It..Just Do The Homework...
Go Talk To Your Principal About It..
Do The Homework..Show Her How Smart You Are..

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