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how many known or suspectred carcinogens in tobacco smoke?


each tobacco craving lasts no more than?

15 sec
25 sec
20 sec

when and idividual quits smoking and has to ignore withdrawl symptoms how many weeks does he/she have till it goes away?

4 weeks
2 weeks
3 weeks

second hand smoke is the _____ leading cause of preventable death.

what does TND stand for?

what are the 5 family roles in which chemical deopendecy is present.

define open mided

why is it so hard to listen?

difine comunication

define stereotypes

what happens when verbal and nonverbal messages dont connect.

what is a self fufilling prohecy?

define reinterpretation

why are sterotypes harmfull.

name two stereotypes people have on high school students.