S.S Culture Quiz

S.S Culture Quiz

Take this sweet, simple, quick, and easy quiz to find out if you know about culture.

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How did technology start affecting people?

It started helping them by, taking advantage of natural resources and change
the environment.
They sat around all day doing nothing.
They started to use it 24/7, doing stuff they weren't supposed to.

How would people get food?

Go hunting, gather wild herbs, and fish.
Go to the store and buy food.
Steal food from other people.

What is culture?

The way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs.
a particular's group individual skills, customs and ways of doing things.
something parents pass onto their children.

What is cultural landscape?

Farmers would use technology to create terraces.
Includes any changes to its environment.
People would create mountains.

What are some cultural traits?

Food + clothing
Sports + customs
Customs + individual skills

What did the Agriculture Revolution do?

it provided a steady food level supply, birthrates rose, deathrates fell.
Theres no technology, crops, and clothing.
Make horrible crops.