are you a perfect match for justin bieber?

are you a perfect match for justin bieber?

even you might be a match for this real hottie!

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do you concider yourself funny and sweet?

funny but not sweet
sweet but not funny
NO! but who needs those dumb qualities

what is the trick to justin's perfect hair?

how often do you brush your teeth?

1-2 times a day
once a week
once a month

who were the two people fighting to sign justin?

usher and jordon sparks
the jonas brothers and spongebob
cheyenne pruitt and lady gaga
usher and justin timberlake

if you could only spend one day with justin you would?

go to McDonnalds
go to his concert then hang out with him back stage
go to a party and meet lots of celeberties

if you were justin's girlfriend you would?

hold his hand
hold his hand and give him small kisses
make out
all of the above

what is justin's middle name?

justin goes threw a lot of stress how would you help him?

back and neck massage
back and neck massage then run him a hot bath
leave it to him its not your job
make him give you money so you can go shopping

if you could spend one day with anyone it would be?

lady gaga
chochlate cake and a smothie
justin bieber

what do you think the best thing about justin is?

he is famous
his hair
his eyes
his personality
his clothes