So you think you can Doctor Who?

So you think you can Doctor Who?

So, you think you know everything about Doctor Who? take this test and find out

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What date was Matt Smith born on?

28 November 1982
28 October 1982
3 march 1982
28 October 1983
29 October 1982
29 November 1982

What did The Doctor drash into at the beginning of The Eleventh Hour?

which of these phrases are correct?

Select the 16 correct answers
The Doctor likes bowties
Amy's been shown pregnant twice
Rory's been shown dead 4 times
The vampires are aliens!!!
The image of an angel is an angel
Melody Pond was made in the TARDIS
TARDIS stands for time and relative dimension in space
Silurians are also called Homo Reptilia
Testimony accepted
The supreme, eternal, drone, scientist, strategist
Matt Smith's home town is Northampton
Matt Smith wanted to be a proffesional socer player
Karen Gillans full name is Karen Sheila Gillan
Karen Gillan once dyed her hair pink
The only water in the forest is the river
Matt Smith is a dangr to himself

the actor of the dreamlord is toby jones. True or False?


what year was Vincent Van Gogh born in?