Are you the ultimate animal keeper?

Are you the ultimate animal keeper?

can you care for any animal you see, anytime? or have no idea what to do????

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You find a stray kitten in your yard. she is too small to catch food, and tired and lost. What do you do?

Leave her. she knows her way back home, right?
take her to a near by shelter. they will care for her.
one answer, keep her. my parents won't find out.

You catch a toad. cool. you feed her and keep for a while. but now you want to return her to the wild. are you supposed to???

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No, i know she won't survive. she's used to ME feeding her. she'll starve!!
sure. it once lived outdoors, it can do it agian.

you know a guy who does illegal dog fighting. what do you do?

bring on the popcorn! i love a good fight!
ummm, nothing i guess.
put a stop to it. it's illegal!

name three nocturnal animals hint, rabbit

where does the redpanda live?

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