about sea goosberries

about sea goosberries

So this is how you play, all you have to do is get into groups. Then every group has a piece of paper. I'll also give you and your group 60 seconds to figure out the answer with your group. The first group to get the most points win! Did you pay attention?

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How do sea gooseberries catch their prey?

How do sea gooseberries catch their prey?
They catch them by sticking their long sticky tentacles to their prey and real them into their stomach and also go up and eat them.
They sting them.
They don't eat.

Where do they live?

They live in the harbor.
They live in the West Atlantic ocean.
They live in lakes.

What is a sea gooseberries class?


How do they breathe underwater?

They breathe by pumping water through their body.
They don't.
They swim to breathe.

What are they roughly compared to?

A pumpkin.
An apple.
A pear.

What do sea gooseberries eat?

They eat seaweed.
The eat other small planktonic animals like other sea gooseberries
They eat clown fish.

How long does a sea gooseberry live for?

8-11 months.
4-6 months.
10-13 years.

What is a sea gooseberries phylum?