Knowledge Of Cats Quiz

Knowledge Of Cats Quiz

Can you prove you share the sharp eyes of a cat? Define their knowledge? If you ever thought yourself worthy of the league of intelligence then take this quiz. Rate and Comment please- highly appreciated!

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What do you call a group of feral cats?

In which country is a cat marked high in?


What are the colors of a cats' eye?

Select the six correct answers
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Green

Which breed of cat is most likely female?

Blue Russian

Why can cats climb up trees?

Because of their sharp claws, wild cats have evolved and passed their amazing claws with great-length to cats, they probably use them for climbing now.
Of their great intelligence, they probably use a different variety of ways to climb trees- these quick thinking felines are highly amazing for their qualities.
Their length of tail, it helps them land properly on the ground- also it helps them balance- so they don't move unpleasantly.
Because of their accuracy of sensing, they know how to avoid branches- surely they must know how to cling on to them too.

What is the least quality a cat has?


What do you call a female cat?

What do you call a male cat?

What are known rumors of cats?

Select the three correct answers
A black cat sitting on a patient's bed proves that the patient will heal.
A white cat sitting on your porch at day will bring bad luck around your household.
Burning a cat will bring you bad luck for 14 years.
Cats are considered, 'Man's best friend' in Egypt.
White cats owned by fishermen' wives are known to give their husbands good luck when they go to the sea.
Witches that own cats must be burned within 5 years or else a famine will sweep the land.

How does a cat drink?

Backwards, that makes them unique- it's quite a fascinating fact.
Like a human, they share things alike with us too- therefore, it's forwards.
It drinks in any way, cats are sharply fussy in their ways.